Our Shop at Lavender Row Farm is open each Saturday from 11am - 3pm


In 2017 Paula decided to change direction. Paula had been fascinated with lavender for some time – its history and myriad of uses struck a chord in her and she could see the possibility of a different life for her and her family. So she moved from Auckland to Dunedin with her three children and bought a beautiful 18-hectare property in Riverside (between Mosgiel and Outram) with her cousin, Kelly. Nestled close to the majestic Maungatua, and within easy travelling distance to/from Dunedin, Lavender Row farm and the surrounding climate provides a perfect growing spot for lavender.

Since starting Lavender Row it’s been a rollercoaster ride developing the farm, planting and growing lavender, and setting up the retail business. Things haven’t always gone to plan but Paula loves the variety. Whether it’s riding on the tractor, weeding the lavender (a seemingly endless task from spring to autumn!), DIY building/property maintenance, working with suppliers, developing products, filling orders, posting on Instagram or doing the accounts – the list goes on and she’s living the dream. Luckily working in tax and being a mother has given her excellent juggling skills! Sometimes the hours seem just as long as they were in the corporate world – living where you work can be a challenge – but there’s a pleasure and satisfaction derived from making a difference in your own business and building it from scratch that makes it all worthwhile.



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